Pre-Cruise Registration

Due to enlarged security requirements many cruise lines now require all passengers to pre-cruise registration on-line for their cruise. For your convenience, pre-registration can be completed ahead of time on the cruise line’s website.

You will need your reservation noted in the invoice, ship and sailing date, add your personal information, as well as any contact cruise information you wish to provide.

After completing the Check-In process for all guests in your reservation will also save you from having to fill out forms at the pier, which means your cruise vacation adventure can start right away.

The United States Border Security Act requires cruise ship passengers to pre-register for their cruises prior to arriving at the pier.

Complete your pre-registration online or by fax and reduce your wait time to board the ship. Once you pre-register, many cruise lines also give you the ability to reserve other items in advance which can include shore excursions, spa treatments, specialty dining and more.

You MUST have your cruise line reservation number in order to pre-register online.

Pre-Cruise Registration Links:

USA Border Security Act:

Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) is an automated system capable of performing database searches on passengers and crewmembers prior to their arrival in or departure from the United States.

APIS requires all cruise lines collect additional immigration information from their passengers prior to any cruise to or from the United States. As a convenience to our guests, you can provide this required information to the cruise line prior to arriving at the pier on embarkation day. By completing this information in advance, you can avoid long delays at the pier,

You must also bring your passports or other proof of citizenship with you to check in. If you do not provide any piece of the required data, you may be denied boarding without a refund.

Canadian Visa for Alaska Cruises For Non-US Citizens:

The Canadian government requires foreign citizens from most countries other than the U.S. to obtain a visa for entry into Canada. This law affects all cruises that make a port of call in Canada including most cruises to and from Alaska and the Pacific Coast. Failure to present the required visa will result in denied boarding with no refund.

To learn if Canada requires a visa for citizens of your country, we highly recommend you contact with your embassy or consulate for more information and to learn the entry requirements of the countries on your itinerary. You may also contact Zier visa Service Again, All travelers are responsible to learn of the documentation requirements for your vacations.

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