Port Packing

Getting ready for your cruise vacation can be worst part of your holiday. Maybe only thing that exhaust more is unpacking when you get back home. Keep in mind that forgetting some important items and then buying them at multiple prices on the cruiser or in a port may significantly raise the price of your vacation.

For those cruise first timers who will go on a cruise trip here is simple packing list of items that is important for you as a starter but you can modify it due to your personal needs.

Pack your luggage smartly. First of all you should pack a change of clothes and important medicaments or toiletries in the luggage you will take on the plane and personally transport onboard. If your travel bags gets lost in the airport on the way to your cruise port, leastwise you will have some basic stuff with you. It might take a lot of time for your luggage to be found and then shipped to the next cruise port. Other thing, there is possibility that your luggage are delayed in being delivered to your suite, you will have a bathing suit or dinner attire on hand and can enjoy all the onboard activities right away, rather than waiting for your suitcase to show up.

Light Port Packing

In a case if you want to travel with light luggage you may consider doing laundry onboard. Laundry is a service provided by cruise lines but not all ships offering for free and it can be quite expensive. Alternately you can save money on laundry by travel detergents and drying your clothes in your cabin’s bathroom, or taking with you bottle of Febreze to get one more day use out of a gently worn clothing.

Port Packing - Cruise Luggage

Do not assume that your favorite toiletrie items will be waiting for you in your suite.Generally speaking you will always find basic toiletries onboard, such as shampoo and soap. In main cabins on some on some cruise lines toiletries that are offered are limited. It would be recommendable to make room in your packages for your favorite brands. Same thing worth for hair dryers. Most deckrooms come with weak hairdryers so if you are demanding person, bring your own.

Dress in accordance with your destination. To keep long story short some destinations are quite formal than the others. For example if your destination is some region in Europe you can pack more casual outfit. On the contrary some places are quite strict about dress code like golf clubs on Bermuda which have strict rules about dress code.

Last but most important thing – dont forget to take your traveling documents with you. Always keep all important documents with you and also never pack them in your checked luggage. So even if your personal luggage misses the cruise ship, you can get onboard.Be quite sure that you have the right type of id, as first-time cruisers have been turned away from the pier for having just a copy of their birth certificate or a passport with a name that doesn’t match the one on the ship’s manifest. This is often in the case of a honeymoon cruise. Remember to acquire any necessary visas and immunizations necessary for your cruising destination and carry them with you all the time.

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