Culinary Cruises

A culinary cruise is the ideal option for people who like to to combine love for travel and fine food into one incredible cruise vacation. For travelers with the love of cooking and dining, a big part of the cruise experience is to experience local dishes and taste local wines. Culinary Cruises offers combination of those two things and so much more. Usualy on a Culinary Cruise celebrity chefs demonstrate their techniques, share their menus and let you participate in the process. Imagine taking a tour of a local market with a culinary expert! Culinary cruises will give you insight into a local destination in completely new level.

What Can I Expect On Culinary Cruises?

Thanks to the growing interest in culinary cruises, cruise lines are enhancing they offer and spicing up an already fantastic cruise experience, with a wide selection of food and wine theme cruises. Imagine taking a culinary class with top master chefs and joining them to explore local food markets to find the freshest ingredients for their masterpieces. You are includes in all steps from preparation of signature dishes, to cooking and the best part, tasting the delicious cuisine, these special culinary theme cruises offer a different and interesting learning experience. They are ideal for foodies and beginners alike, as well as for those who are seeking a unique travel experience.

Culinary Cruises

A culinary cruise is something that gourmands are dreaming about! Not only do these sailings offer the opportunity to cruise in luxury from one magnificent port to another and enjoy countless onboard amenities, but they also offer the rare chance to meet world-famous chefs and experience their creative magic first hand. For those who have always wanted to learn how to prepare gourmet cuisine, know more about wines and be taught professional chef techniques, culinary theme cruises are the perfect place to learn or improve it all.

Culinary theme routes offering many special features for guests. You will be provided with unique experiences, including exclusive shore excursions, private cocktail receptions, special dinners with master chefs and wine paring workshops, all enhancing the cruise experience.

Other gastronomic events include visiting chef selected local restaurants while in port and savoring local vintages while expert sommeliers explain the different wines from worldwide regions and how to best complement meals with the proper selection.

Another highlight of many of these sailings is that you may get the rare opportunity to accompany the chefs to the local food markets while in port, one of the special facets of your gastronomical adventure. You can learn how to select the finest and freshest groceries, unique spices and other ingredients for that night’s dinner.

Cuisine and travel are inextricably connected. A destination’s unique flavors provide insights into local cultures and regional customs. On culinary theme cruises, world-renowned chefs, wine experts and mixologists share their special talents and knowledge to make the entire experience truly memorable.

Epicurean delights from all parts of the world can be sampled on a variety of culinary cruises. From Paris and Provence, to London, Rome and Brazil, to the islands of the Caribbean, a special feast awaits. Discover the culinary traditions of different regions of the world by way of their diverse cuisines and take your travels to a new level.

Another benefit to these theme cruises is that you get to share your vacation with people who share your culinary interests. A great way to make new friends! These cruises can be a once in a lifetime experience, not to be missed.

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