Cruise Information

Making everything ready for a cruise can be one of the worst parts of your cruise vacation. Only thing that dreads more is unpacking when you get home. Forgetting some important item and then had to purchase it at multiple prices on the cruise ship or in a port may significantly raise the cost of your cruise trip.

For the first timers who will go on a cruise trip here is comprehensive packing list that is essential for you as a starter but you can modify it for your personal needs.

Cruise Information – Travel Documents

  • plane tickets or e-ticket confirmation
  • cruise documents
  • passports, visas and or proof of citizenship – check cruise line for requirements
  • medical insurance and medical history is preferred especially if you are traveling alone
  • vaccination certificate – check cruise line for requirements
  • prescriptions or copies and list of all medicines you are taking

Cruise Information – Wallet Items

  • credit cards – inform your credit card company before traveling and alert them that you are traveling outside your normal area
  • pre-paid phone card
  • cash – some in small bills for tipping or buying cheap souvenirs
  • contact number to report lost or stolen credit cards or traveler’s checks
  • emergency numbers at home
  • currency conversion chart
  • government-issued picture ID for example driver’s license

Cruise Information – Reading Material

  • glasses, contacts, contact cleaner
  • extra reading glasses
  • sunglasses
  • brochures or other information material
  • reading material
  • notebook – for making notes to tell your friends back home about your experiences
  • business cards with email address to give out to new cruise friends
  • home and email addresses of friends back home – for sending postcards, emails, or gifts
  • photo album

Cruise Information – Electronic gadgets list

  • plug adapter and converter since most electronic items like cameras, computers, and e-books do not need a converter, but do need an adapter in hotels
  • cell phone and charger
  • tablet or e-book with charger
  • laptop computer
  • binoculars
  • disposable underwater camera
  • digital camera and manual
  • more than one memory card for digital camera
  • batteries for digital camera
  • battery charger
  • extension power strip with multiple plug-ins
  • ipod or mp3 player
  • small travel alarm clock
  • lighted dial clock for cruise ship cabin
  • small flashlight

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