Coast Excursions

Today, increasing number of travelers that are discovering the all-inclusive joy of a cruise vacation. Singles, families, couples, honeymooners, second honeymooners and groups of friends are sailing away on the vacation of their lives. Just last year alone approximately seven million people enjoyed a cruise vacation. To ensure that you have a smooth trip, consider these cruise tips about coast excursions, remember to consult with a travel agent for your next cruise to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Tips For Coast Excursions

If you want to better explore a city more in depth and to see an aspect of it not included in the cruise deal, consider that traveling on your own is much better than with a tour group. Book shore excursions as soon as possible either before you leave or immediately after boarding a ship, but first check with the cruise director or physician about where to eat onshore because some food items and beverages, especially water, may be off limits in some ports, just to be sure bring a pack a water bottle so you can bring water from the ship onshore, or other solution is just to purchase bottled water at the ports of call. You can expect to pay $20-100+ for shore excursions.

If you are elderly or have a handicap, you may not be able to go on coast excursions at some ports so be sure to check first with the cruise line  conditions of shore excursions of your cruise trip.You most likely wont be covered under a ship’s insurance if you explore on your own (again check the details of your ship’s cruise policy beforehand). During a shore excursion, always carry identification, the name of your ship and its docked location or you can take a copy of your passport with you as well.

Tour guides may give you badges to wear for identification, but bear in mind these identifiers only make it easier for shop keepers and thieves to target you. Many cruise lines offer in-cabin babysitting, certainly you should take advantage of this service.

If you are exploring by yourself most important thing is to get back to the departure point on time. In case that you miss a launch, you will have to meet the ship at the next port – at your own expense. Also leave valuables, big amounts of cash and unneeded credit cards on ship.

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